Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking Thanksgiving: A child's perspective

My 8-year-old daughter brought home some classwork from school and I just had to share it because it is food-related. I delight in her wit and insight daily.

"If I could make an unappetizing pizza, I would start with the crust. It would have celery inside the crust. Then I would put peas, harvarte, pumpkin, acorn nuts and chopped up apples."
by A, age 8

She likes these ingredients individually (well, maybe not the acorns) and in other dishes but what makes it unappetizing is combining them. Her father hates peas. What other 8-year-old in my area knows about or has had Havarti??? I'm so proud.

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem by A, age 8

Hot potatoes
Apple pie
Key lime pie
Sweet cranberry sauce
Giving Thanks
Ice cream
Ice Tea
Nice food
Glad to be me

I'm glad she's her too.

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Annakate said...

I love this. Reminds me of a poem my younger brother wrote about our other brother on a spelling exercise. He needed to use the word tomato in a sentence. "The red juicy tomatoes ate my brother." He was probably about 8 at the time. Even though that was nearly 20 years ago, my mother still has the snippet of paper with this sentence on it pinned to the fridge. You have to wonder what's inside that brain of theirs at that age, don't you?! Love that your daughter knows havarti too. Neat stuff.

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