Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Your Local Farmers' Market

The following post on NPR's food blog The Salt got me thinking that instead of just learning about the farm bill and talking about it (as the story recommends) or going to a pointless mass demonstration, use your dollars to protest against Big Food. Buy as much as you can from neighbors or local producers. See what you can get along without or make from scratch such as processed foods you might have previously purchased.

From Wall Street To Big Food, Occupiers Are Hungry For Change
by Eliza Barclay

Not all the people who have been protesting in New York's Zuccotti Park are trying to Occupy Wall Street. Some are trying to Occupy Big Food, and are ready to march. That includes boycotting that Thanksgiving icon, the Butterball turkey.

So far that group is tiny, with just two women: Kristin Wartman, who's a writer and nutrition educator, and Erika Lade, a graduate student in New York University 's Food Studies Program. But OBF has a blog and a Twitter feed and a goal: "To take our food back and out of the hands of just a few large corporations."

That goal echoes the aim of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who want to wrest control of the financial sector from large corporations.

The business interests of the meat, dairy, and countless other agricultural industries have shaped our food system, and many activists argue that our health, environment and local economies have suffered from that influence. As a headline in Mother Jones put it last month, "Big Food makes Big Finance look like amateurs." That same article by Tom Philpott listed four reasons why foodies should head to Zuccotti Park.

Read the rest of the story here.

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