Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas shopping for junk food makers

I've done quite a bit of online shopping the past 5 days and I noticed several "junky" kitschy kitchen appliances that folks don't need.

What caught my eye about the S'mores maker is the word "old-fashioned". Um, to make s'mores the old-fashioned way you need a stick and a campfire -- I don't see that here.

I assume this next product is popular with people who always want the corner brownie.

Does the manufacturer of the cupcake maker also sell a muffin machine?

I don't know about a muffin maker, but there IS a cake pop maker!

Cake pops are a trendy novelty treat right now. If you're doing it the "hard" way, without a special machine like the one above -- as I've read about it, never having done it -- you bake a cake and crumble it. You mix the crumbs with frosting and roll them in balls. You plunge a lollipop stick into them and freeze them, then you dip them in chocolate and sprinkles or other decorations.

Moving on ...
How many times a year do you make sundaes in waffle cones or bowls to need a special machine to make your own instead of just 1. buying them pre-made or 2. using your regular waffle iron???

Do you really need your waffles to look like circus animals?

Finally, the next products is one that probably someone somewhere needs. It's an attachment for a Kitchen-Aid mixer so it is probably quality. It's a grain mill.

Now, I have never ground my own grain into flour or wanted to. If I was an artisan baker, this might come in handy. As I am just a chowhound, the only time I can think of using this might be in September for the Buckwheat Festival to grind my own buckwheat. But you can buy buckwheat flour so why would I want to? I don't even grow my own buckwheat. Still, this is the most valuable kitchen "gadget" I've seen this holiday season. And I wouldn't return it if I found it under my tree ... . ;)

Happy holiday shopping!

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