Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I can't call this a product review because I've never used this product BUT I HAVE tasted the bread it makes and I pronounce it yummy.

I recently attended the Taste of Home Cooking School in Morgantown to advertise my new business, Mountain Mamas Retreats, Weekend Getaways for Crafty Ladies. Our booth was beside the EZ DOH booth.

The EZ DOH is a plastic bucket with a hand-cranked dough hook (called a kneading piece) on it. It's a manual bread maker fashioned after an antique bread bucket that EZ DOH's founders, husband and wife Ginny and Dave, bought at a garage sale. Ginny told me she was a chef or caterer and made bread in the big bucket but longed for something smaller to make only 1-2 loaves and also to give her friends who asked her to teach them how to make bread. Ginny said her EZ DOH invention is ideal if you want a little help mixing and kneading bread and you either don't have or don't want an electric bread machine.

Find out more about the EZ DOH and even watch videos of Ginny using it on her Facebook page and at the product web site Like I said, I didn't try to use it but Ginny did give me her leftover samples of cranberry bread and shaped dinner rolls and they were pretty good. She also sells bread mixes to use in the bucket and made-in-the-USA bakeware and accessories. The bread blade she sells is made in France. The bucket and two mixes retail for about $40.

And if it's important to you that your purchases support a greater good, this one will. EZ DOH donates a percentage of every sale to Please Pass the Bread, a world-wide feeding ministry of the World Challenge organization, that has established 60 feeding sites in 8 countries, serving meals to more than 6,000 impoverished children. The EZ DOH bucket is printed with a Bible verse: John 6:35 – “And Jesus said to them, 'I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall never hunger and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.’" Ginny and Dave say on their Web site, "It’s a truth that fuels our lives and motivates our business."

Check it out -- and remember you heard about the EZ DOH bread bucket from Good Press first!

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