Saturday, November 3, 2012

The old-fashioned art of making your own fun

There are still almost 9,000 households in my county in West Virginia without power from the blizzard caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Remarkably, there are people whose major concern, once their power was restored, turned to "When are we rescheduling trick-or-treating?" Really? Really.

A woman I know decided to make her own fun. She and a friend called friends and relatives to see if they'll be home on Sunday afternoon. They plan to take their children, in costume, to visit select households. To chat and show off their costumes. If they get a little leftover Halloween candy, that's just bonus.

An area church is planning indoor trick-or-treating. Volunteers will wait in the church classrooms to give out candy to children who go door-to-door through the hallways. This is the event we'll probably attend.

These approaches remind me of my childhood. We lived so far down a holler in West Virginia that you couldn't see your next-door neighbor's house, let alone walk to it to trick-or-treat. When I was 4 or 5, my mother dressed me in a clown costume, walked me down our driveway and back up to our front door, where my grandfather gave me candy when I said, "Trick or treat".

I wish I could find the photo album with the picture of my first Halloween costume. So instead, here's a photo of my daughter's Halloween costume from this year. It was taken the weekend before the storm when she dressed up to attend a haunted house at her school. She is Cleopatra.

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