Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amy's Kitchen has come to Oakland, Md., Walmart

I live 30 miles from good Indian food. (OK, I live 30 miles from ANY Indian food.)

So I am excited to see Amy's frozen meals for sale at the Walmart in Oakland, Md.

I picked the Palak Paneer with a side of Rajmah dal for $3.77. I ate the kidney beans in ginger-garlic sauce first so I could savor my favorite part: the creamed spinach with cheese (the paneer) and basmati rice uninterrupted.

Was it as good as Ram's at Mother India in Morgantown, WV? No. But it was a reasonably priced and accessible substitute.

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Laura said...

I like Amy's Kitchen stuff. I find it to be a quick, fairly healthy lunch for when I'm here all by myself. Or when the kids have McDonald's and the thought Supersize Me keeps me from eating my burger. I haven't tried the Indian ones yet--mainly b/c I never pass up an enchilada. :-)

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