Friday, August 15, 2008

Food-centric lifestyle

I'm all about food, and sometimes that's a bad thing. Like when I can't get to a grocery store that carries chorizo, Manchego and membrillo (quince paste). Or when I don't get my expected freelance check and have to eat canned soup instead of another "splurge." But I digress. I had hoped this would be a light-hearted post about how food-centric and quirky I am. I noticed it a few months ago when I responded to a silly MySpace game asking me to blog about six weird habits/things associated with me. Four of the six were about food. Here's the text of that post.
"Tia tagged me to blog about six weird habits/things associated with me. It wasn't easy coming up with them probably because there are some really weird things about me that I consider perfectly normal. And further, if I consider it weird, then why do I want to point it out?
"All this to get to No. 1: I tend to overthink things.
"2. I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs, too, Tia! And I put m&ms in my Cream of Wheat.
"3. I take Flintstones vitamins (hey, doctor's orders! They are absorbed better than the turtle-wax coated ones.)
"4. There is a year's worth of unread New Yorker magazines beside my bed that I won't throw out until I've read them all.
"5. There's a freezer in my bedroom – one of the best purchases we've ever made!
"6. I take pictures of my food – to illustrate my food blog."

Here's a gem I took today when I got back from the farmer's market across the road from my house:

These berries, grown by a cute-as-a-bug 4-H'er named Courtney, starred in a lovely late breakfast for us. I also picked up some blackberries for a cobbler. That post is to come so please check back!
Happy Friday!

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