Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pepperoni rolls

A couple just moved from Sedona, Arizona, to Terra Alta to join my church's ministry team. One of my contributions to the luncheon reception to welcome them is pepperoni rolls, a West Virginia invention. Someone in Marion County got the notion to bake pepperoni in bread dough for Italian American coal miners to carry in their lunchboxes.

Here's how I make mine:

Two loaves Rhodes frozen bread dough, thawed
3/4 pound thin sliced deli sandwich pepperoni
1/4 pound thin sliced salami
Mozzarella or provolone cheese (optional, I didn't use it this time) sliced is more manageable than shredded

Cut the bread dough loaves each into 12 equal pieces. Working with one piece at a time, roll out the dough till it's about the size of a deck of cards. Stack together about 3 slices pepperoni and one slice salami (and a slice of cheese if you're using). Roll up. Roughly chop it with your knife on your workspace (this releases oils from the meat to make a good orange "grease spot" on the bottom of the roll.) Put it in the center of the dough. Fold in the short ends and then roll up the long ends. Place it in a greased 13-by-9-inch pan to double in size -- about 12 rolls per pan. Bake according to the dough package directions. Rub with butter when they come out of the oven. Makes two dozen.

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